• As much as I adore my batch cooking, I’m trying to change things up a bit. My husband and I reworked our budget and I’m back to bi-weekly grocery trips.  The cost hasn’t really changed, it just shifted. And I love using my pretty envelopes more.
  • I feel like all I do is sew. I completed a quilt this week and will post about it tomorrow. I’m 100% proud of myself on this one.
  • I also finished Sylvi’s birthday dress.  And bonus: I made a matching dress for the doll she’s getting as her gift.
  • Matt and I are planning a fun change to the backyard this month!  I’ve been planning and organizing and we’ve landed on a local company to put up a play structure in our back yard!  We are keeping gifts for the kids very modest this year and I can hardly wait to hear the squeals of joy when the kids see all those fun things to climb!
  • The breakfast experiment is going well.  I missed only once in the last three weeks. I was very sick all day long as a result. I’m realizing that I need more calories than I think I do, especially if I plan to continue working out towards specific fitness goals.
  • My plants for this year’s garden are growing like crazy.  I think I need to keep them indoors for another 6 or so weeks, but there is a distinct possibility that they will take over my kitchen counters in that time.
  • I rotated toys for the kids again tonight.  I hadn’t done it in a few months, but I wanted to declutter a little before Sylvi’s birthday.  I’m still not convinced that the Little People toys we have were worth it, but they’re out of hiding.
  • Oh. And I cleaned my desk off. I’m fairly certain angels sang.

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