At the beginning of the year, the fitness group I belong to, Mommy and Me Fitness, initiated a fitness challenge to jump start everyone’s new year resolutions and get us all moving again, despite the dreary winter weather. At the same time, I’m in training for a real sprint triathlon in a few months and so I’ve been using this as the motivation to keep myself going during this hard part where I really don’t want to go to the gym and exercise. Melissa has been offering fun tips on the Facebook page for the challenge and it’s helped get me out of my rut.

I’ve been keeping an eye on my calories over the last year and noticed that I really don’t get enough protein. I don’t like it in general, so this has been a rough area for me. I do like cheese and I like eggs, so I’ve been making scrambles for myself a few times a week. I like to add either broccoli or kale to mine right now, but in the Spring, I think there will be asparagus too!  Even if I have this as an after workout snack, it’s filling without using up too many calories… the total calorie count (according to Livestrong MyPlate) is a mere 287. It does pack a nutritional punch with 20 grams of protein!

Feta and Kale Scramble

  • 2 eggs
  • a Sploosh of milk
  • 2 Tbsp. Feta cheese
  • 1 cup kale, chopped

Whisk the eggs well and add the other three ingredients. The feta is salty enough that I didn’t add any extra salt, but I did crack some black pepper into the eggs and added a pinch of garlic powder. I like my eggs dry, so it took a while to cook the eggs until I was satisfied. But you do what you like. 🙂

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