Stocked for winter, planning for the Spring



How did your canning go this year?  I had bigger goals, I must admit, but I will tell you that I am still really pleased every time I open the cabinet and see the products of my hard work.  I get a similar feeling when I see the neatly arranged piles of vegetables and fruit I prepared and froze.  This summer, I read through the Little House Series for the first time in year and years.  One thing that struck me was how prepared both the Ingalls and Wilder families were.  I wanted to be that prepared, but maybe another year.  Salt pork isn’t my thing.  I worked like mad over the tomatoes and came away with sauce, salsa and diced tomatoes.  I baked and then froze almost 100 ears of corn.  There are a few bushels of green beans in my freezer as well.  My little boy is loving all the applesauce I made and I’m literally hiding the peaches from him, they’re so wonderful!  I had wanted to do a few tutorials this year, but time got away from me… so they’ll be there for next year.

Next year’s garden isn’t going to be very large considering I’m due right in the middle of the planting season and since we’ve been working on the house so much we haven’t even really talked about the actual site of our future garden.  I think what will wind up happening is that I will plant a few things close to the house and then the kids and I will go up to the farmer’s market and purchase what I need to can.  They provide me with the most beautiful tomatoes every year, so I shouldn’t have any trouble getting what I need.  This upcoming season will teach me how to cooperate with my friends more than ever.  Several of us are all having babies in the late spring and early summer, so I’m looking forward to getting together with our little ones and heating up that canner!

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