Summer is Summer

I suppose I should just accept the fact that it is finally summer. The temperatures keep soaring around here. So now, I begin my days sitting in the back yard with the kids. We have a fence, a pool, a sandbox and a swing set… the kids are perfect all morning for me. Aside from the obligatory fight over the red sand bucket, I don’t have to diffuse too much. I dole out snacks and add ice to their water cups. I’m actually getting time to read in the mornings now because they are so busy.

What I do not have time to do is work on my articles, blog posts and editing. I no longer own a laptop. Why? I’m a workaholic. Once I get started, I have a hard time stopping myself. I will work through the night on anything from actual work to a crosswork puzzle. So to keep myself from spending every spare moment typing, I don’t allow myself the “luxury” of a laptop.

My home is only minimally clean, the laundry barely caught up, meals haphazard, but the children are happy. You see, my philosophy on childhood summers is that they are meant to be spent playing. Outside preferably. I am now giving multiple baths a day. But they play and they run and the neighbors comment on how perfect our backyard is. And it is. My home may not be clean and phone calls left unreturned, but oh to be able to view summer again through the eyes of a child. My 2 year old pushing her baby doll in the swing while the almost 4 year old wears a hard hat and gloves pretending to be Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs.

You know what? My children will not remember if we had a clean house throughout the summer, they will remember all the laughing while we did while throwing a football. They will remember how mom sat her adult sized behind in a child sized lawn chair in their pool. They will remember the water balloon ambushes on Daddy when he gets home.

Summer is for fun. Summer is for love. Summer is for family.

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