Yesterday, my little peanut turned 1.  It’s hard to believe that a year ago, I was writing about her birth story and still marveling at how intense her labor was.  And how tiny she was.  Well, still is actually.  She weighed in this morning at a petite 16 and a half pounds, despite the volume of food she puts away daily.  She has a bright and sunny personality and while I knew I wanted to throw a birthday party that was low on the ecological impact, I also wanted color.  

In my mind, I could see the colors yellow and teal to describe Sylvi.  No teal food occurs in nature (that I can think of), so yellow it was!  Because I used egg yolks in the cupcakes, they had a golden color, but I wanted yellow icing.  A little bit of research and I was sprinkling turmeric in the mixer with the cream cheese.  I was really hesitant about the taste because I knew the spice was in there, so I could taste India in every bite.  I put out an offer on Facebook and people were quick to offer to taste test.  Not one person thought the taste was off, so I decided to give it another whirl for the party.

Round two of the turmeric colored icing worked out much easier.  I used 2 Tablespoons of lemon extract and mixed almost a teaspoon of turmeric in.  Pouring the color in was so. much. fun!  I had already mixed together the cream cheese and powdered sugar, and when the liquid hit it, this bright streak of yellow spread through and made me feel sunshine.  The happy ending to this already triumphant tale is that only 2 cupcakes out of 3 and a half dozen came home with me.  It was such a happy birthday!

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