Super hero Cape for a Super Little Boy

Superhero Cape
Superhero Cape

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Every Christmas growing up, my mom made us kids a gift.  I always treasured those gifts because I knew she made them with so much love.  This year, I decided to make gifts for my little ones, too.  Simple gifts, just something that we can look back on and cherish.This superhero cape is a quick and frugal project.  I used basic cotton fabric from JoAnn Fabrics and cotton twill tape for the ties.  1 yard, 1 40% off coupon and this project was less than 5 dollars.  It’s also a quick project in case you’re finding yourself scrambling the week before Christmas for a gift.

This took me about half an hour to make, including the time for my husband to draw me a lightening bolt. Since this cape is for my 2 year old, I only needed 1 total yard of fabric.  I cut a 20 inch square on the natural fold of the material from how it was stored on the bolt.  Fold the material in half with the fold at the top.  Then, mark the fabric at 4 inches and cut a diagonal line from the 4 inch mark down to the corner at the bottom of the cape.  The top of the cape will measure 8 inches and the bottom will measure 20 inches. Using scrap fabric in a contrasting color, cut out an emblem for the back of the cape.  I used fabric from another project, but you could also use felt.  Once you have the emblem you’d like to use, pin it to the back of the cape, on one side only.  Sew or glue the emblem to the back of the cape.  I used a zig-zag stitch to sew my lightening bolt on with black thread.Now, turn the cape so that the emblem is on the inside and you will be sewing the right sides of the fabric together.  Pin the three open sides together, leaving an inch and a half unsewn at the top on BOTH sides (this is where you will insert the neckties).  Sew  around the sides of the fabric, using a 5/8 inch seam allowance.  Once you’re done sewing, flip the cape right side out by pulling the material through one of the spaces you left.  Iron the cape so that the sides are smooth and the seams flat.  Cut 8 inch strips of the twill tape to use as the ties.  Slip the ties in the unsewn spaces and pin.  Adjust the fabric so that when sewn, it will be even with the rest of the seam.  Then, topstitch around the edge of the cape so that the ties are sewn into the cape and the fold at the top of the cape is finished like the rest of the cape.Now, all that’s left is to tie the cape around the neck of your little superhero!

Little Superhero
Saving George from the Evil Pink Dragon

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