This is truly a “thank-God-it’s-Friday” sort of post. Except that after this post, I take a deep breath and then dive back in for a few more days. It is what it is, but I tell you that I am not an on-the-go sort of person and when I have a loaded calendar, I stress out. Is it awful that when my little woke up with stuffy noses, coughs and low grade temps this morning I breathed a sigh of relief because no one would want to be around us while I pumped vitamins and fruit? Probably, but I’m honest.

So here’s a quick catch up on the last week:

~ Soccer started! Soooooo exciting! And exhausting. Not so much for me, but for a certain 4 year old who is so wound up by the time drills are over he’s had a terrible time calming down for the actual scrimmages. Two practices this week and both days have ended in a tearful little boy who just can’t quite process all that emotion. I’m hopeful now that he’s back in the swing of things next week will go more smoothly.

~ Liam swam all by himself yesterday! I sat on my bench and cried. I’m SO proud of him! He’s doing great with the floatie, but this was the first time for him to swim from the wall to Miss Brooke and then back to the wall. Proud Mama!

~ I was in Columbus all day Wednesday for the Moms Clean Air Force Mama Summit. Excellent day, scary traffic. Whoo. I need to live in tiny towns for the rest of my life. However, as my BFF pointed out, I did it. I did what terrifies me by driving through a big city during rush hour AND meeting with our elected officials all by myself! Check me out setting examples for my children! 😉

~ I’m working on the final newsletter for my MOPS group for this year. I love MOPS and the community it has created for me, but I’m ready for summer break. I have used the last two summers to read the books that go along with the theme and prepare myself for the written devotionals and newsletters. The theme for 2014-2015? Be you Bravely. I love it. And I think I’m going to treat myself to this tee as a prize for getting my Steering Team responsibilities done for yet another year!

~ I went to Old Navy last night after the kids were in bed. This mama had no shorts. No capris. Nothing for summer. Turns out, the more you run, the smaller you behind gets and it’s just not cool to your britches falling off as your daughter tugs on them to gain your attention.

~ I downloaded the Wudnerlist app to my iPad. There are big, pink, puffy, sparkly hearts in my eyes for this app. And the “swoosh” sound effect when I complete a task. Sigh.

~ It’s raining today and I couldn’t be happier. I ran out right before it started and cut huge bunches of lilacs for my house. Lilac is the sweetest spring smell ever.

~ I need to sew more dresses for Sylvi. I have been informed that pants are “ugly”. Good heavens.

~ Now, it’s a return to my chores and to-do list. Quiet time is over and Liam is anxious to stomp in the puddles. Sylvi is sleeping in her room, snoring away her congestion.

Come back tomorrow for an excellent gluten free apple cake just in time for Mother’s Day!

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