The air we breathe

this holiday weekend, I know many people in my area are heading up to
Lake Erie to celebrate with their families and friends.  There is an air
show and a few food festivals to enjoy.  I can’t help but wonder how
much local fish will be served at those food festivals, though. 
Recently, I wrote a guest post for Moms Clean Air Force
about how the air pollution around the lake has effected the fish I
grew up eating on sandwiches throughout the summer.  Even though I
really do strive to eat local foods in my daily life, I make a huge
exception when it comes to fish from Ohio’s lake.  

election season is gearing up here in Ohio, I’ve decided to ask the
hopefuls who knock on my door asking for my support some questions.  I
want to know why when I search for ways to get involved in my community,
there are very few ways to be involved in cleaning up our environment. 
There is an outstanding lack of clean energy in my area, a few solar
panels and wind turbines excepted.  So when the gentleman showed up on
my door a few nights ago asking for my vote in his bid to be mayor.  I
asked him point blank why we don’t seem to care about the air quality or
our carbon footprint.  He didn’t have an answer for me.  That was the
tipping point for me.  Since then, I’ve been on the phone with the
health department in my county, emailed the state’s health department,
the EPA and written several letters to my representatives.  I want my
children to be able to enjoy the air they breathe and the Earth we live
on, so I’m taking a stand and fighting with mothers across the country
better EPA standards and pure air for our babies. 
This holiday weekend as we celebrate our troops and the freedom they
fight for, I’m asking you to join us and fight for clean air for our
children.  Will you?

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  1. I live in the Pacific Northwest. I have a sail boat, that I enjoy Sailing in a rtlaeivly clean environment. Even so, I moore my boat at a marina that’s a few miles away from two oil refineries. They operate 24 hours a day seven days a week. Every time I go to the marina my boat has black dust on it. The refineries claim that they are meeting all air quality requirements. I don’t think they are telling us the whole truth. I’m sure that there are contaminents in that black dust that they don’t want me to know about. It also stands to reason that the black dust also falls on the comunities and agricultural lands that suround the the refineries. Unlike most boats, they’re not white, so the black dust can’t be seen and it can’t be rinsed off with a hose. I’m sure that without the Clean Air Act, there would be a lot more black dust on my boat.

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