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I’d say it’s fairly well know among those I spend time with that this is a cloth home.  Cloth diapers, wipes, napkins, UNpaper towels, produce bags, grocery bags, rags, even the training pants for Liam are cloth.  I’m completely in love with this simple, frugal and natural method for our family.  This week, Natural Parents Network is sponsoring a Blog carnival.  The participants are going to be discussing a variety of topics that range from their style of diaper to how cloth diapers have influenced other changes in their lives.  I participated, so this week you get a chance of pace with what you have to read on my blog!  Be sure to check back every day for the new posts, enter the giveaways and maybe even get inspired if you aren’t already!

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  1. @Emily/ohapostrophe great post! I love how cllarey you spelled everything out. And it may be encouraging to know that my son was potty trained before age 2.@katnip79 actually with disposable diapers you are also supposed to put the poop in the toilet first before throwing away the disposable, to help prevent ground water contamination in landfills. some packages of disposables mention this is very fine print.@mrs. d check out the Cotton Babies (cloth diaper manufacturer) blog the founder started cloth diapering when they lived in an apartment & had to go to the laundromat once a week. At the time it was a choice between either food on the table or disposable diapers, so she was gifted her sisters old cloth diapers. She talks about how to do cloth diapering with only laundromat access.@witz some daycares are very open to cloth diapers, my son’s daycare accepted them. For daycare, pre-stuffed pocket diapers or All-In-Ones are best, because it’s just like disposable diapers when they change them. I’d provide an empty wet bag that they’d put the soiled diapers in, and then I’d clean them at home at night.@andrea i liked my son’s fluffy butt. He’s also a skinny kid, so at least the cloth diapers would keep his pants up. Now that he’s potty- trained (he’s two), his always has the plumber butt crack action going on. O_o

    1. I use them on both of my sons(2 1/2 years and 11 months) and I love them!!! I have a ltlite bit of each system; , , , , , All in Twos, and All in Ones. I think they all have pros and cons, but the advantages FAR outweigh using disposable(IMHO). I would recommend looking into purchasing at least one of each system, to see what works best for you and your babies.People here are going to give you crappy answers, but they will be the ones that think it is gross . It is extremely easy, and not messy at all .at least no more than the blowouts that I’ve had to deal with using disposables. I have NEVER had an explosion that cloth couldn’t contain.

  2. I used cloth diapers for a year, while I was a SAHM. I alrely did love that we could save money in the long run, that it would be gentle on my baby’s bum, had such cute cute colors, and that we were doing something green and reducing waste in a landfill. Well, I still feel that way, but convenience won out when I went back to work full time. I had to do diaper laundry every other day, and the process was very specific (and long) of rinse/soak/wash/rinse, hang drying each diaper and pad or 3 cycles of drying on the gentle setting, then stuffing each pad into each diaper every other night. It was an extra 45 minutes to an hour of chores for me to do every other night, and working/cleaning/getting groceries/taking care of baby/dinner, the reusable diapers had to go. I feel guilty when I think about it, as we outlaid couple hundred dollars to pay for 24 fuzzibunz one-size and we even bought one of those sprayer-hook ups to clean the diapers as we went along, but had come to the painful decision to go to disposables when I was complaining too much about maintaining and cleaning the diapers. I don’t want to discourage people from using and trying the diapers, because there are many positives about it. But for me, this is my honest experience with it, and it just didn’t work out.

    1. My son was allergic to all Pamper type aepdirs. The first month, I had diaper service. Was glad to get feeling better so I could do my own. They do get a bit expensive. He had a real sensitive bottom (and top).lol I just made sure he had plenty of cloth aepdirs and I changed him every time he did anything in his pants. He never even sat with a wet diaper. His skin was to sensitive to take a chance, Besides, I would not have wanted to wear one, why should he?By the time he was walking he wanted to go to his pot. I just showed it to him and let him set on it. He told me when he was ready to use it.Cloth aepdirs are a bit of work but It was much better I think.Just make sure you get them washed and rinsed really good. I washed in really hot water twice, and I rinsed them in warm water, twice. I used one of the old fashioned wringer washers.It was a trip!!

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