The fuss about fluff

This post is an entry in Jennifer Labit’s All I want for Christmas… Is to Tell the World About Cloth Diapers Contest.  I haven’t received any sort of compensation for this, but if I do happen to win the contest, myself and 1 lucky reader will will 12 bumGenius diapers!

Our home is a busy one with a toddler and an 8 month old.  I am a stay-at-home Mama and as such, I’ve gotten to be very frugal with our one income.  In the time since we had our son, I love that the initial investment in our cloth diapers through shower gifts and following Cotton Babies’ sales has really benefited our wallet.  I’m not buying crates of diapers on a monthly basis only to have them pooped in and thrown away.

I was on the cloth diaper track before we were even pregnant with Liam.  My cousin in Canada and I used to chat online late at night and pass links back and forth with our thoughts.  She settled on the bumGenius brand and when it came time for me to pick my cloth diaper brand a year later, I could hardly wait to see my sweet baby in Clementine and Moonbeam.  We used the diapers faithfully for months.  I washed, dried and folded and used that time as a cathartic break in my hectic life, juggling a job and a family.  Then, one night in April, my son woke  with a horrible poop.  That diaper was the precursor to a week of a stomach bug that I had no previous idea even existed.  We had 22 diapers.  I used them all in the space of just over 24 hours.  While those diapers were in the wash, I put him in a disposable diaper and let him crawl around the house.  I will never forget him looking at me with this sad, sad look as the diarrhea hit him again and it ran out of the diaper, through 2 layers of clothes, all over the floor.  As soon as my diapers were dry, he was back to wearing them.  I don’t care how “leak proof” a disposable diaper claims to be, nothing beats my bumGenius diapers for containment!

The original diapers have been used regularly for 29 months.  Now they are divided by color so that the blues and greens diaper my son, while the whites and yellows joined the sweet pink diapers for my daughter.  I love knowing that my diapers have now successfully diapered 2 children of different sizes and body structures.  While my son grew through the sizes quickly and had to have the snaps let out every few months, my daughter is still in the smallest of our One Size diapers.

The math can be overwhelming.  To think of the number of times I changed our son on a daily basis in the first few months of his life, I know I did laundry every other day at that time.  When we added our second child, I added some Econobums and a few second hand gDiapers to the stash so I wasn’t always doing laundry.  By my calculations, a total of $529 has been spent on the diapers, all 3 styles included.  Let’s say that I change 12 diapers a day between the 2 kids.  Therefore, in a 1 year period, I’ve done roughly 4380 diaper changes.  That makes each diaper change worth 12 cents.  I see Amazon diaper deals all the time with the individual diaper cost being around 12 cents.  Which is great.  But those 12 cent diapers still get thrown away while mine go in the wash for another year of use.

The way I look at it, I’m already doing laundry, what’s 2 more loads a week?  To tell you the absolute truth, our water bill hasn’t changed at all except during the summer months when I’m watering the garden and keeping the kiddie pool full.  And really, a diaper is a diaper: they stink no matter what brand you use and how you choose to handle them.  I’d rather wash away the stink and use them again and again for the next years to come than keep buying more.  I love to hang them on the line in the Spring, Summer and early Fall and see the rainbow they create against the sky.  I love that because of the colors, I get to have one more method of teaching for my son.

Cloth diapers work for us.  The work for our routine, for our children, and for our wallet.  They are easy to use, I don’t have any chemicals on my sweet babies’ bottoms and they keep what needs to stay in, in.  Even when we have a babysitter, they are still simple enough that there’s never been a complaint.  I love our diapering choices and yes, there’s a great deal of fuss about the fluff in this house, but I think it’s worth it!

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  1. I love our bumGenius diapers too! I don’t think there is anything cuter than a baby in a cute cloth diaper 🙂 Love your post Laura! Good luck!

    1. I used cloth deipars with my son and plan to use them again on my new baby. I bought mine at Sears (in small and large sizes). They are called Cuddlers (although I have heard that the Kushies are great as well). These ones require a plastic liner to be used along with them (I bought plastic Kushies liners). My mom made liners made out of flannel to place inside the diaper (you can buy these as well). This helped with the clean-up, especially when he had more solid poop. He only started to wear them at around 1 1/2 months since they are too big for a newborn.I liked them a lot, although they did leak more often than a disposable diaper would. For this reason, I would suggest that you use disposable deipars at night. I also found that he had to be changed more often since the diaper remains wet against the skin, unlike a disposable diaper. They are great if you have problems with severe diaper rash, as my son did.They are a little expensive to purchase, but well worth the investment.All in all, they save money and are more environmentally friendly.Good luck!

  2. If there is anything I really enjoy reading about, it’s cloth diapers and I must say that I’m grateful for this contest, just so I get the opportunity to read other people’s stories!

    1. Chelsea McCown – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post!! Thanks for sharing for all us CDing moms!!**As a note from a mom who fulomra feeds, their poop is completely water-soluble as well until you start solids! I’ve had NO STAINS at all! Nor have I EVER had any blowouts- my only leaks were when I fit them badly, or needed to add another insert for sheer volume! I use BumGenius All-in-Ones and love them- but there are more sizing options with FuzziBunz. If I could only go back ;D My system is all FuzziBunz products though!Shawna, I stuff my diapers the same way, knuckles first on the fleece, haha too funny! And I can’t believe Caroline only uses one thick during the day! Jarvis uses one thick, two thin during the day, and three thick at night!! And he completely saturates those, he’s a heavy wetter apparently! He’s got a big diaper bootie 😀 (Then again, now that I’m using RnG detergent too, I might have better absorption!)Thanks again, I love this and will never use another disposable again if I can help it!!Chelsea[]

  3. You’re so right! Cloth has held in everything that my kids have ever put it them. I don’t understand how people can think that disposables are better in anyway….I guess unless you have NO access to a washer. But then there’s always handwashing! lol!

    Good luck with the contest! I’m having a blast reading everyone’s posts!

    1. I have a 3 month old and reltnecy was looking for cloth diapers. The ones that I think are the cheapest are prefolds with Bummis covers. I need about 24 prefolds with 6 small covers for my DD (it came up to approximately $200-220). I do a load of diaper laundry one a day so that they can dry in time for when I need to wash the other half. I have a couple of Thirsties covers which are essentially the same functionality as the Bummis but the Bummis are a bit sturdier. It can depend on the body shape of your babies.I skipped the newborn size and went straight to the small (just a bit bulkier at the beginning). My DD was 8lbs though at birth. When she will weigh 16lbs, I’ll go get another set of medium prefolds and covers. Still cheaper than disposable and much better for the environment. Think of all the non-biodegradable material, esp. with newborns who have to be changed 10-12 times a day, if not more!All the best with your darlings!

      1. I use a lot of . I have some of the AIO’s and some of the one size pockets. I like them a lot. One thing that I want to point out tuhgoh is that they say they will fit an 8lb baby. Bu tin my experience, they were huge and bulky on my son until he was about 10lbs. He is not almost 20lbs and they are still fitting good. One thing I like about them is that I can double stuff them at night because he is a heavy wetter. I think they are one of the best for keeping baby dry and not leaking.I would stay away from Kushies. Because they do not stretch around the waist like the BG’s do and they seem to feel really wet inside. With the BG’s, my son pees in it and I cannot tell it is wet unless I feel the insert. There is no wetness on his skin at all. With the Kushies tuhgoh, they constantly feel wet.Also I have used some and they are great. The only problem I see with them tuhgoh is that they get kind of rough inside after you wash them a few times. But they stay really dry also.I have and do use plain prefolds too and some wool. I really like wool.And last but not least. I have several fitteds that I have made for my son that I use. Of course I am biased toward the ones I have made. But other than that I would have to say the BG’s are probably the best for convenience and dryness.

      2. Cloth diapers are much eaiesr to wash than most people imagine. It honestly takes me only about 18 minutes per week to . We save money and I honestly think they are more convenient than dealing with the constant need for more disposables and the leaks that seem to be inevitable with disposables. They are just not made as well as good quality cloth diapers since disposables are meant to be thrown away.You might want to read my article about how fast it is for me to clean our diapers. .

    2. I have never heard of Bum Genius reusables but many cinpamoes sell these kinds of AIO nappies. Do a search on-line and you can see the differences between AIOs, AI2s, fitted and pocket nappies. Companies offer different or similar nappy systems, advantages and materials. Note some AIOs also need waterproof covers which adds to the overall expense. I have used Pea Pods small pocket nappies (they come in S,M,L) and prefer Oz Nappies and Soft Bots one-size design pocket nappies with absorbent bamboo and micofiber inserts. They are created to be used from newborn until the child is toilet trained (~3-15kg). It is a good idea to give a few different brands of modern cloth nappies (MCNs) a go before deciding to buy larger packs. When you are considering buying multiple sizes of a particular brand, this does raise the overall cost, but some caregivers like this option. The number of nappies you have detemines how often yo uhave to wash. You could have 20 of one kind and order other types as well. The 20 pack could mean you only wash every second day.

  4. I am cloth diapering 2 kids at the same time too and I am sooooooo grateful for the one size diapers with the snap rise that can fit both of them. It makes packing the diaper bag a lot easier and I don’t have to worry if one child is using more diapers than usual and runs out because I can just steal from the other child’s stash. Can’t do that with disposables!

  5. I’ve written a post too, if you want to check it out. I love the BG brights, so fun! After we started cloth diapering, we no longer had the paralyzing fear of having 2 in diapers. *shrug* you just wash them more. Tee hee. We still only have 1 in diapers, but that paranoia over having to buy 2 sizes of diapers is over!

  6. We also get leaks everytime we use disposable diapers. They really just can’t compete with cloth diapers for awesome containment. Also, cloth diapers are so cute!!!

    1. I use both cloth and dpabossile. Cloth when we’re at home, dpabossile for over night and when we are out/travelling. I decided to use cloth for my first because it’s cheaper and diapers sitting in a landfill for (potentially) hundreds of years kills me. Yes, cloth uses a lot of hot water, but I feel it isn’t a significant as the landfill issue.I put all the waste down the toilet, whether it is in a cloth or dpabossile, and that is the yukiest part, so throwing them in the laundry isn’t a big deal. The cloth ones I use are the flat ones with liners and covers and I’ve been very happy with them for both my little ones.When I go back to work we will undoubtedly use dpabossile most of the time, but at least I know I did a little something to help.

      1. As a mommy of a green baby , I have become obesssed with cloth diapers (and making my own baby food, but I’ll have to wait for your blog on that one)! I love them and have done my best to explore the ins and outs of everything out there! I’m all for buying local, but, here in Richmond, VA, there isn’t much as far as cloth diapering goes. The only people I know who use a cloth diaper cleaning service here use one out of Charlottesville. Personally, I’ve found it super-easy to wash at home once you get in the routine. Anyway, Green Mountain Diapers ( has a great website super informative. They also sell wonderful ORGANIC unbleached cloth diapers. I also like’s reviews for various cloth diapering products.Regarding dunking and swishing Emerson (my daughter) is 8 months old (today!) and we went through the transition from breastmilk poop to solid poop (stinky!!) in the last few months. I highly recommend disposable, flushable liners (specifically made for cloth diapering). They are cheap (maybe $0.05/each), biodegradeable, and can actually be reused (well, not according the instructions, but I throw the only-wet ones in the wash with the diapers and they come out of the dryer even softer than before keep using and washing until a poop or until they finally fall apart I usually get at least 4 or so rounds).Hope this is helpful.

  7. i cloth diaper because i think it is more comfortable and it would be what i would want to wear if i were a baby (and it was what i wore as a baby). I have only found positives to cloth diapering and am so glad that i was able to give my son (and future children) and clean healthy start at life.

    1. Emily Elizabeth – I love your enthusiasm and have a stseir who is a diehard Fuzzi Bunz user, al 3 of her kids were in FB! The last just potty trained! I just wanted to point out, however that you keep referring to the inserts as cotton when, actually, they are 100% synthetic they are microfiber, which is a super-absorbent polyester. I tried the FB one-size with my daughter and at 10 pounds & 4 months we got constant leaks because even on the tightest elastic setting we could get, her chicken legs just didn’t fill the holes and now at 16 months and 20 pounds the few size medium we have are way too big on her! so, I like FB, but we prefer the perfect size’ and I realize now, I could have done XS and S and that could have gotten us to potty training! However, we switched to GroBaby, which is now GroVia, and couldn’t be happier. So, I’d just advise people to try several brands before they give up! And I can’t believe you don’t use cloth wipes- they make life so much easier!! 1 cloth wipe goes farther than 3 disposable wipes!![]

      1. I like the little g brand with the bsreaule cloth inserts However I also use the flushable inserts if we are traveling or I am leaving my son with his grandparents ect just to make life a little easier on them! I also like ! I am not a HUGE fan of s ( all in one’s) just because they seem to be SO bulky under clothes! It may be different if you had a girl and you were CD’ing under dresses ect.. however with a boy you are just putting them under pants and shorts and things! I have never used , but have heard good things about them.. my BEST advice would be to tell you to order maybe one or two of a hand full of different brands to try out then when you find the brand that works for you buy them all up!! Lol that way you are necessarily stuck with 300 dollars worth of cloth diapers that you hate!

      2. I used cloth diapers with my daehutgr. I couldn’t stand the thought of chemical-laden disposables against her skin 24 7 for the first 2-3 years of her life. You might need to experiment a bit to find the ones that work best for you. I liked Mother-ease diapers, with (used to be called Stacinator). When we traveled, I used natural disposables.

  8. People think that cloth won’t contain messes as well as disposables, but like you said, I think it’s actually completely opposite. Cloth is so absorbent and we’ve never had a blowout. Love it!
    Love your line drying pic!

  9. My stash is almost rneitely one size diapers, except for some kushies 10 22lb and some large size all-in-ones that I picked up recently for my growing boy.When I first started wanting to cloth diaper I only had the kushies, that were supposed to fit a 10 pounder, but didn’t fit my long and lean man until closer to 14 lbs. As a result I didn’t start cloth diapering as early as I would have liked. I didn’t know about one-size diapers at that time, and wonder now if I had my crazy collection of one-size diapers then, if they would have fit and I could have started CDing earlier. I will most definitely be starting the next baby in cloth right away.Since then I’ve developed a bit of an addiction and have many different brands of one-size pockets (diapers with a waterproof cover built in, and a pocket where you put in the type of absorbency you need), and All-in-Ones (the closest thing in use to a disposable diaper). I love trying new styles and seeing what fits best. My current favourite is the Sweet Pea diaper. It fits my man really well, and hopefully will fit my next little one when he/she is tiny. Bonus: Sweet Pea is a Canadian company (though the diapers are not Canadian made. I do, however, have a few Canadian made diapers in my stash too).Nicola

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