The garden is in!!!

Six hours of hard labor yesterday resulted in two very tired adults, one of whom just didn’t have the energy to post photos of said hard labor.  I have yet to go outside today and inspect the garden plots, but I am hoping on faith that they are still ok.  The dogs were pretty annoyed that we were cramping their style what with the fencing and all.

 cabbage, eggplant, broccoli, sprouts

In the main bed, I planted broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, eggplants and 3 different types of peppers.  We had to remove something (I think it was oregano) that was taking over most of the bed, but that was the easiest bed to prep and plant.

We used leftover pavers from the kitchen walkway to make my stepping stone and I love them!

In the side bed where we had once planted potatoes, I planted beets, carrots, leeks, green beans, cantaloupe, broccoli rabe and pumpkins.  I totally forgot to plant squash, so I might try to plant some after the beans are done.  Not sure about that yet, but annoyed with my oversight.

Finally, in my kitchen garden, I put in my herbs (lemon verbena, thyme, rosemary and tarragon), 6 tomato plants and 2 roasting pepper plants.  I am really excited about those peppers!!!

And, I actually got some flowers planted this year.  I know.  Shock and awe.  I put some cosmos in at the end of the pumpkins since the soil there wasn’t too swell and I thought I’d just try something there.  I put a few sunflower seeds in off the deck since my forsythia bush has since bit the dust.  I potted a few begonias and a friend who works at a floral shop brought me some calla lilies they were going to throw away.  I put them in the bed where my rose bush is since I’ve not really done much with it.  I also moved my lemon tree outside for the summer and put some peppermint in a pot alongside my herbs.  

I’m really looking forward to my garden this year.  Liam wasn’t as into the dirt as I had hoped he would be this year, but I am certain he will learn to love all the time spent outside.  I’m grateful that we got everything done yesterday (except marking the plots) since my grandmother died this morning and I will be tied up with that for the rest of the week.  Now all I have to do is remember to water it!  

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