The Importance of Rest

This post topic has been in my binder for a while, but ironically, this little thing called life keeps getting in my way and preventing me from posting. It’s my life and I do get to choose how I live it, so I’ve been working to scale back and take more and more things off my calendar. I dropped out of activities that I thought we needed to do so I could give Liam a full preschool experience and we’ve been happier ever since. There are few things I love more than waking up knowing that all I have on my plate for the day is feeding and caring for the kids, household tasks and lots of quality time building train tracks. Sometimes, though, I get lost in the busyness of “shoulds” and forget to slow down.

This month, I’ve not had much choice but to slow down because of my health. It’s been crummy. I haven’t even cooked a solid meal in over a week. Lots of peanut butter and jelly going on in this house. But what has happened? I’ve made a point to insist on a rest time every day. Rest for our bodies and rest for our minds.

I’m not very good about taking time to rest. As I type this, I should be lying down… in bed, resting. However, since the steroid I’m on to open up my lungs keeps me up all hours of the night, I figured I’d be productive since I’m just going to lie in that bed and think over my to-do list all night. Ahem. Resting my mind is often far more challenging than resting my body. But isn’t that always the way?

The point of this post is simply to remind myself and you, dear reader, that as the holidays approach, to not under value the quiet and peace that you may have the opportunity to find. As we allow our minds to settle and our bodies to rest, we are allowing ourselves the blessing of quiet. The quiet that I find in my own home brings children who are happy and have less meltdowns. A mother who is calm and accepts the swells of the waves of life gracefully. A father who gets to come home to a busy home filled with people are not at each other’s throats from sheer frustration.

Rest comes when you take the time to appreciate our surroundings and settle in. What can you do today to find a place to do just that? To sit back and observe life as it passes by and not feel panic that you’re wasting time. To breathe and enjoy. To just live.

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