The Pug is Getting a New Kitchen

That’s right.  We are moving.  I haven’t a set a date or anything crazy like that, but in an instant all my free time has been sucked away from me.  For the last week, Matt and I have been spending absurdly late nights at the new house working away so that we can “enjoy” this moving/updating/remodeling project.  So far, the enjoyment hasn’t been too high.  We are tired and have discovered that doing anything major like this with a toddler is quite the challenge.  So while I normally would have been at the house still painting if we didn’t have Liam, I am here at home, praying that he will stay asleep this time and that his fever is related to his teeth only. 

Today, Matt and his/our friend Greg painted like mad men to get the living room and dining room done before the carpet gets put in tomorrow.  That kind of happened a bit faster than we had planned, but when there’s a good deal, your wise to strike.  They laid the flooring in the kitchen today and while I don’t yet have any pictures of the work, I can assure you that it’s looking amazing!  Tomorrow is the carpet and Matt and I are going out of town to celebrate my birthday with dinner at Lola, Michael Symon’s restaurant!!!  Then, on Sunday, it’s back to the grindstone so I can finish the detail work on the fireplace and get our current home set up with a Realtor.  All this is leading to a home with double the square footage and 3 times the land… Don’t tell Matt, but I am really, really hoping to get chickens sooner rather than later!  Everything is a blessing in it’s own time, but I tell you I am really looking forward to the kitchen.  It’s a room my current one could only dream of being and I’m certain the good meals will continue even in a new location!

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