The Pug

Hi.  I’m Vito.  I answer to Vito, Snoob, Deedo, Snuggly Puggly and Baron Puglet Von Snugglet.  I was the dream dog of my Daddy and was born March 8th, 2006.  When my brothers and sisters and I were 6 weeks old, we were listed in the newspaper classified ads.  It was love at first sight because I’m crazy and happy and wiggly.  I got picked because I had an umbilical hernia and it reminded Daddy of Chandler (on Friends) and it was then named my magic nubbins.

My vet calls me “The Tank”… apparently, I eat too much “people” food.  Food is food, right? And that is how the blog came to be named after me.  I’m not the only dog in the house, but I’m far more interested in the food.  Nunzio waits to come into the kitchen until the meal is served and then being cleaned up.  I shadow my mama until something drops and then… I pounce.  Well… I do whatever you call a pug scrambling for food anyway.  Pretty much the only thing I won’t eat is lettuce.

I came to this family a month after my parents got married.  I sat with my head on Mama’s lap while she mourned the death of her mother.  I went on all kinds of fabulous trips and adventures the first few years I lived with Mama and Daddy.  When Mama was pregnant with Liam, I laid on the floor in the bathroom for months while she threw up.  The sound of someone throwing up still upsets me.  When Liam was born, I was right there.  I was there when Mama’s water broke when she was in labor with Sylvi.  It is I who sounds the alarm any time a stray leaf moves in the yard and threatens my family’s safety.  I am responsible for the after meal clean up of Sylvi now… no matter how much Mama protests my attempts to climb into her booster seat… I know she needs my help.

So yeah… I’m pretty much awesome.  I don’t like long walks, they make me too huffy.  Sometimes, I dig in the sandbox, but it gets in my paws, so I try to remember not to do that too much.  I like to sniff around in the garden, but always get caught right before sampling the carrot tops.  I can’t sleep at night unless I’m snuggled up next to Mama.  I love to hang my snout over the edge of the bathroom trashcan and scope for goodies.  I have super soft ears and love having them scratched!  My favorite thing to do with the kids is to chase them and try to snatch their snacks from their hands… and we all have so much fun running like a bunch of crazies!

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