The stickiest buns

I made these sticky buns with Liam the night before Thanksgiving.  They were wonderful and gooey and the perfect accompaniment to our annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade watching!  Liam thoroughly enjoyed participating and as a result of all our recent kitchen exploits, he now drags a chair over to the counter every time he thinks I need help.

This recipe was super easy to make and as long as you follow the directions, you’re set.  By that I mean, when Ree says to wait an hour before adding the yeast, she means it.  If you don’t, you’ll kill the yeast and then have dough the texture of leather.  Ahem.  I was especially grateful that these buns turned out well, because they were the last thing I’ve been able to cook in my kitchen since Wednesday.  My oven blew up on Saturday morning so we are now in the midst of the kitchen remodel that is happening about 6 months ahead of schedule.  Which I suppose is better in the long run, who wants all that hassle with a new baby and a toddler?  Right now, I just have to convince Liam that Daddy doesn’t really need his help.

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