Thunderstorms, snuggles and long nights

After a long day at the Lake (my excuse for not posting for Mighty Mommy Monday), I bathed the kids and sent them to bed. I wanted to rest and collect my scattered brains. But by 10 pm, it was evident that Liam wasn’t going to bed. The lightening was shocking and the sound of the rain and thunder was LOUD.

So as we crawled into my bed, I was reminded of the day we bought our mattress. The sweet Amish man who made the mattresses called it a “thunderstorm bed”… that sold us! I laugh about those thunderstorms even though they make for hard nights for me, thunderstorms mean cosleeping. And that means I get my wish!

When Liam was little, I wanted so desperately to cosleep. And no matter how I arranged things, he just wouldn’t ¬†settle down. Once in his own bed, he’d sleep. Sigh. When Sylvi was born, we popped her in bed with us as well, but it didn’t last as long as I’d hoped. She also loved her space, but would snuggle up on rough nights and early mornings. She still does, actually. She comes in every morning to snuggle and sometimes will fall back asleep curled up against me.


So last night, Liam and I went to bed and he tossed and turned for a while, but eventually settled down. An hour after, Sylvi woke up scared of the storm and another little person joined our bed. Thanks to our weather system, I spent most of the night with little people clinging to me and waking every so often to check and make sure we were are all ok.

Little by little as we all got out of bed this morning and I stretched the kinks out of my back, I was reminded of how quickly they are growing. Liam will be 5 in a little bit and I noticed the other day that he’s pronouncing his “L” sound correctly these days. As hard as our stormy nights are, the day is coming when he won’t need me to soothe his fears. There are moments, like before the coffee is done, when I look forward to a decent night of sleep. But then, someone goes and pronounces a word correctly after months of a cute little lisp and the reality of how short this time sinks in.

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