Tuesday Quotidian

*Note*  When you see what I was doing at 930 last night, you’ll know why this didn’t get posted until this morning

700 – Why, oh why can I not get myself into bed earlier?  Sylvi is yelling from her room and I find that she’s gotten herself stuck, sitting with her legs dangling through the slats… it amazes me that her legs still fit through there… she’s never going to have thigh chub.

830 – Mad dash to the car.  I tried to get Liam to use the potty before we left, but he’s in a mood and wouldn’t cooperate.  Oh well.  At least we have diapers for leaving the house, right?  It takes 15 minutes to get the kids wrangled and into the car so we can leave for MOPs.  I peel out of the driveway only to discover that Kennedy is blocked off with random construction equipment.  Drat.  They are widening the main road that runs parallel to mine… it’s going to be a long summer of detours!

900 – Yay!  My table gets to be in line for brunch first!  I get a hot breakfast twice a month without someone pulling my hair or stealing my carbs.  Sigh… heaven.  Today’s topic is on loneliness.  I’m so grateful that I’m in a different place mentally now, almost 3 years into mothering.  I sat through the whole meeting calmly and didn’t shed a tear.  There are women in my life who need support and love given their unique situations, but it was nice to not feel overwhelmed by the topic.  Yay for progress!

1130 – Geesh.  That road construction is going to be a thorn in my side.  I made the mistake of attempting to drive by to see what exactly is closed; Liam was irate that we didn’t stop.  It’s very hard to explain traffic to a toddler.  Oh well, peanut butter and jelly soothes all disappointments.

1215 – Sylvi in bed for her much needed nap, Liam watching Mighty Machines, I head to clean and do laundry.  I am struck by the realization that I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.  I felt this way last Spring, but I thought it was because I’d just had a baby.  Shoot.  Pollen count is at the highest for today.  Make a note to call my dad and ask what he does for his allergies.  30 years old and now I’m afflicted.

130 – I’ve been trying to get Liam to use the potty since 8am.  He’s been stubbornly dry.  I’m tired and congested and every time I bend over to help him with his unders, my nose runs.  Into a diaper he goes and I settle down to work on a post for the Green Phone Booth.  Liam is supposed to be napping, but I hear him calling me.  Of course.  I close the door and expect him to sleep and he fills his diaper.  We switch gears and I get one of the quiet time baskets I made for him down.

215 – Sylvi is up and grumpy.  Her teeth are attempting to pop through.  All 4 of them.  It’s awesome.

230 – I go to tell Liam he can come out of his room, quiet time is over, but he asks to stay in longer.  Hmmm.  This basket idea could be golden.

330 – We had now made 3 panicked trips to the potty.  No results.  Wonder how long he’ll hold it this time?

400 – Matt calls to tell me he’s on his way home from work.  He plans to continue work on the fence.  I plan to continue following Liam around, waiting for a sign that he needs to pee.

530 – Finally!  There’s pee in the potty!  I’m thrilled, but wary.  I know how much he drank this afternoon… the numbers don’t match.  The pasta is a little overcooked for supper due to my continued Potty Watch.

600 – I made it to Mommy and Me Fitness class a few minutes early!  While I am burning calories, Matt is at home with the kids.  I warned him before I left that Liam would for sure need to pee again.  I was right.  This is why I am the Mama.  Matt was changing Sylvi when Liam came running in and announced he had to use the potty.  Matt didn’t have a diaper back on Sylvi yet, so he took the time to finish diapering and then placed her safely in the living room.  In the meantime, Liam is dancing.  He waits forever to potty and then is too panicked to get his underwear down without help.  Disaster ensued.  Matt was trying to get Liam over the potty when Sylvi came cruising around the corner and slipped in the pee.  Liam was screaming because he was upset about missing the potty and now Sylvi joined in because she had fallen.  Matt put a towel down on the floor, Sylvi crawled over it and slipped again on the otherside.  Liam by now has also slipped in the disaster.  Baths for everyone!  Matt is flustered, but can do nothing but laugh.  I am relieved to have not experienced this, and I laugh hysterically.

730 – I inform Matt that if he wants me to help with the fence, we’d better get on it.  Melissa worked us hard during class and I know that if I sit down, I will not be getting up.  Liam yells “no” at me 13 times…. I hate bedtime on days when Liam doesn’t nap.  Oh wait, 14 nos.  And he’s asleep.  Tomorrow could be a doozy.

930 – I am using the flashlight app on my phone so Matt can see to use the drill to secure the last panel of the fence.  I am so disappointed to realize that 2 hours of work only got us 6 whole panels done.  Oh well.  Progress is progress, right?  And who cares.  I am really hungry.

1000 – I wake up on the couch, bowl of taco soup dangerously close to falling out of my hand, an episode of Arrested Development ending.  Whoa.  I give up and head to bed.  Double whoa.  There is a good possibility I won’t be able to walk in the morning and boy howdy, my abs hurt.  Matt laughs at me and I set the alarm for 6.  I can always type in the morning.

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