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Celebrating the differences between my children has brought so much joy to my life!  Even though some of those differences make my life a little more challenging to be their parent, their unique qualities are what make them who they are.

Natural Parents Network: Unique as a SnowflakeI have a post today at Natural Parents Network titled “Unique as a Snowflake.

My children are like little snowflakes. So different and yet so similar. The same profile, the same temper, the same intense eyes. And yet, one at the top of the growth charts and one at the bottom. One who eats anything in front of her and one who would live on bread and cheese.

I noticed their differences right away. In my sleep deprived state, any juxtaposition of their personalities was absolutely hilarious. It made me laugh that my son didn’t want anyone to touch him and my daughter would scoot across the bed as early as a few hours old to be close to me. He was highly reactive to stimuli and she much less so. In the end, it was incredibly helpful that they are so different as I could finally put my finger on the additional help my son needed.

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