Unprocessed 2014

Tomorrow is the first day of October. And oh-my-goodness has this year just zipped by! This is my fourth year signing the pledge for October UNprocessed and by now, as September closes, I just know it’s time for the CLEAN.

It just so worked out that today was my scheduled grocery shopping day and so I walked into Kroger at 740 this morning, list in hand and an exciting coupon for money off on produce! I’ve been working really hard on creating a menu for our family that actually works. Meals that can be prepped in advance or are low impact on my day are meals that help me to be successful. Menus are planned out 2 weeks at a time and I make sure that I keep money back in my budget so that about a week or so in, I have plenty left over to buy more fresh fruit and dairy products.

When I got home, I washed all the fruit, put it in containers on the lowest shelf in my fridge so the kids can help themselves and refilled the fruit bowl. I give it 5 days until I need to refill considering Sylvi has already eaten 2 apples since this morning!

So. If you haven’t taken the challenge yet, check out Andrew’s blog and see if you feel inclined to participate. I hope so! Join the challenge and make sure you check out all the resources on his site.

In my sidebar, I have a tag specifically for October UNprocessed posts you can see my past experiences and recipes. Condiments are my greatest challenge so I always use this time as an opportunity to break my dependence on Kroger to provide me with “necessities”. This year, I also created a Pinterest Board for all the pins I find with how-tos and recipes so I can be as unprocessed as possible!

Join up! And share with me your tips and tricks for kiddo snacks!

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