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How was your week?  Mine was… altered.  On Sunday night, I usually sit down and plan out my week.  I factor in chores, appointments, even when our library books are due and then plan my meals and our fun activities that take us out of the house.  So Monday morning came and I hadn’t slept thanks to a sweet little girl and I was just overwhelmed.  It took until Wednesday to get it together and by then, we’d already eaten random sandwiches and Taco Bell because I just didn’t have it in me to cook a real meal.  Wednesday, the contractors showed up bright and very early to start the installation of our new furnace, new wiring in part of the basement and the installation of a vent to the outside of our home for the dryer.  Wednesday was a very loud day.

But somehow, after that (and a decent night’s rest) I managed to wake myself back up and get in the kitchen.  I’ve been trying recipes for a few straight days and I’m getting excited about cooking again!  Last night, we grilled plain old burgers and I made roasted beet chips as our side.  They were ok; Matt and Sylvia ate them, Liam helped me make them and then told me he thought they were “yucky” and I ate far too many.  They weren’t anything special, but didn’t really have a root vegetable flavor like the parsnip fries did, so I guess they were a win in the long run, but I’m still looking for recipes.  I think I’m going to try this method next time beets call to me from the produce department.

Today, I finally got around to roasting the chickpeas I soaked and cooked yesterday.   I was skeptical at first, but these Honey Cinnamon Roasted Chickpeas are yummy.  It took almost an hour for me to cook them to the right crispness, but it was worth it in the end.  I’m excited to have them as a post-workout snack.  Do you find yourself starving after a long work out?  I do.  And if there’s nothing already lined up for me to eat, I tend to just go nuts in the kitchen grabbing everything I lay eyes on and then, I’m fairly certain that all those gloriously expended calories were for naught.  I’m hoping to come up with a few flavors and really, just a few chickpeas and my hungry was satisfied!

Also, 2 weeks from today, Sylvia will turn 1 and I have a menu to plan, cupcakes to test and things to organize.  The party room at the Children’s museum was just finished and although it’s sponsored by McDonald’s (ARGH… seriously?!), it’s sufficient and we will be apart from the rest of the play spaces so it hopefully won’t be complete chaos.  I hope.  For her birthday gifts, we ordered her a stainless steel grocery cart and some handmade felt veggies.  I’m actually really, really excited about this.  Admittedly, I’m also hoping that someday, she’ll love those same veggies that we pretend to grocery shop for as we wander the farmer’s market together!



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  1. Um, yeah. I saw that McDonald’s sponsor. I saw the pictures. I was uber dissapointed. Not sure I will be using that room. If I had the free party, sure. I don’t pass on free, but come on!

    1. Sigh. Sadly, I know there are going to be a lot of excited children at the party over it, too. Oh well… we’re thinking of doing a pb&j bar for the party so I can bring all healthy options!

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