Updates before I disappear again…

Happy Friday everyone!  I’ve been working on a lot of pieces for other sites this week and haven’t spent much time here.  BUT, I thought I’d take a moment before running outside to play in the sprinkler with the kids to give you some quick updates!

I am featured in Best of the Web no. 66 this week!  Lots of neat blogs are featured and I’m so honored to be included.

This was my week to write at The Green Phone Booth and I wound up with a double header.  I wrote about Farmers Markets and Dirty Food… just in case you aren’t already a follower of the GPB (which you really should be!)

This was also my first week to post at The Natural Parents Network.  I wrote about the health of our children learning to say no.  Of course, this week in our home has been a lesson in practicing what I preach 🙂

I know this one isn’t from this week, but I had to share about our elders and the impact of mercury… this one is from Moms Clean Air Force.

In other news, I have a completely potty learned little boy who is a huge fan of his unders and loves to choose his character for the day.  I’m so proud of Liam for getting over his fear of sitting on our toilet… when Matt and I bought the new one we bought with our comfort in mind, never considering that a chair height porcelain abyss could be terrifying for a child.   Not to be outdone by her big brother’s skills, Sylvi has started to stand straight up from the floor without assistance and is determined to walk.  Holding on to her grocery cart, she does laps around the house.  Our garden is in and I *think* the beets are sprouting.  I’ve lost 2 of the 16 tomato plants, so I’m hopeful that the rest will survive…

With that, I wish you a wonderful holiday weekend.  I’ll be thinking of my younger brother who is serving in the Air Force currently in Afghanistan.  I’m so grateful to live in a country that exists because of the service of others and I pray for those men and women that they are protected from all the harm in this world.


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