Wet and Wild Wordless Wednesday

Last week, we took a family day and visited a local water park to celebrate my 31st birthday.  It was wonderful and I had so. much. fun. going down the water slides!!!!  Yeah… the oldest person standing in line by at least 15 years was me, but man, I haven’t done something that carefree in YEARS!  Liam doesn’t do well with the splashing water and it took nearly 2 hours for him to relax and settle in to enjoy the 2 foot deep water.  He was content to sit in the water, under one of the water slides where he wouldn’t get splashed.  Sylvi, on the other hand, threw herself into the water with abandon and had more fun than I had ever thought possible for a 15 month old.  🙂  We also finally got the chance to photograph Liam blowing snake bubbles.  I’d like to mention that I had to specifically purchase a plastic water bottle since I rarely have one in our house!  And finally, I took the kids to the Splash Pad in the next town over yesterday for 2 hours of fun.  Sylvi had a blast tearing around in the spray and running free.  Liam did loads better than he did last year… he didn’t scream once, but still stayed on the edge of the water.  This summer, while as hot as Hades, has been one of adventure and we are loving every moment!

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