WIP – Triangles and Hexagons

I didn’t get much work done in the sewing arena this weekend. Instead I cleaned and organized the storage area in our basement and began tackling my crafting area. Since I’ve added a new reason to hang onto my fabric scraps, I need to figure out a better way to manage them. Anyway, I didn’t start my next project until yesterday afternoon. I had hoped to get all the pieces cut and some piecing begun before evening, but the kids had other plans for me 🙂

For this quilted pillow pattern, there are two designs and I have all the cutting done for the hexagon pillow, but need to finish the white fabric for the triangle pillow. I’ll get there. I picked this project to work on now so I can have some practice with piecing triangles. My project after this is a baby quilt that has a lot of angles and I want to have some experience before tackling it. That nifty little Hex and More template up there is invaluable. I absolutely love it!  I’m cutting 2 1/2 inch triangles and 4 1/2 inch hexagons without fear!

Last night, I attended my first Quilt Guild meeting as well. I brought my quilt for Sylvi’s bed along to show off and was glad I did because I fessed up to my sloppy method of binding it and finally got an explanation of how to do it correctly! I’m actually looking forward to binding my next quilt now! They have a challenge that is due in September and I’m thinking I may use it as an opportunity to make smaller projects using different patterns.

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I’m using the power of the internet quite a bit now. I search for You Tube tutorials to go along with the stills I find on websites, books and magazines for technique. The more I chat on Facebook about what I’m doing, the more people tell me they too are fabric fans. I discovered a local quilting group through Facebook and am excited to attend at the next meeting. I’ve only been really working and learning for about a month, but I’m already so excited. I don’t have a lot of experience, but it will come in time… besides, what I lack in experience, I feel I make up for with enthusiasm.

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