Work in Progress Wednesday – Let it begin!

With just about two months left until Christmas, I finally gathered all my creativity and started to work on the quilts I plan to make as Christmas gifts. Originally, there were four. And then three. I’d love to turn out three, but I need to be realistic, so the third might not happen this year. BUT, I do have one completely put together and waiting for me to quilt and bind it!

Work in Progress Wednesday

The original pattern is from Modern Bee —13 Quilts to Make with Friends – a book I received as a gift last Christmas. I really like all the patterns, but don’t happen to have enough friends to put together a bee, so I just made all the blocks myself. 🙂 Because I’m rebellious, I changed the colors and added an extra block for pizzazz. I haven’t yet decided how to quilt it, but there’s still some time!

Work in Progress Wednesday

I’m linking up with Lee at Freshly Pieced for today’s Work in Progress Wednesday… lots of neat inspiration on that blog! And tomorrow she starts a sew-a-long that I sadly don’t have the time to participate in. 🙁 Maybe the next one?

And now… what are you creating for the holidays? Or just for fun?

10 Replies to “Work in Progress Wednesday – Let it begin!”

  1. I love the colours and fabrics you chose for this! Looking great. I’ve got too many ideas for Christmas gift quilts than I have time for, too… but I’m hoping to make at least two. And some Christmas decorations for around the house!

    1. Thanks… I finally learned to over buy material for my projects so that I actually have a stash to draw from… so much fun to put something together from my drawers! Good luck with your sewing too! I feel like two quilts in two months is doable!

  2. Love your colour choices for this quilt! Best of luck getting all those quilts done before the holidays. A few years ago, I decided that for every quilt I planned to make for Christmas, I was required to have a back-up present that I could just go buy. If the quilts weren’t done 2 weeks before Christmas, the back-up plan was activated. No more stitching on Christmas Eve for me! ☺

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