4 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday – An explanation for my blogging absence”

    1. It is fantastic! We are working on the backyard this year, so I will be posting photos as things progress. I like the kids and I to be able to spend a lot of time outside and the water table helps on those really hot days. Soon enough, we’ll have the pool out, but until then they manage to get themselves sufficiently soaked!

      1. You are SO much nicer than I was. I have children who still won’t eat pasta with sauce bsaeuce when they were your kids ages, I always gave them plain or buttered pasta instead, so it wasn’t so messy. They won’t eat PB&J, bsaeuce I always gave them PB plain, so it wouldn’t be so messy! I had no idea I was scarring them for life! lol. Your kids are just adorable. I had no idea they were so close in age! Man you are busy! Enjoy this precious time, I wish mine were babies again.Mom24 s last blog post..

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