Work in Progress Wednesday

I’m supposed to be writing an article this week, continuing in my triathlon training and sewing.  Um… but I started painting my kitchen.  And then, once I got started on that, the list kind of grew.  Instead of only the cabinets getting done, the woodwork and walls also got painted.  And then the window frames.

Of course, once I got started, I couldn’t stop.  This then brings us to the impromptu demo of the tiled backsplash at 830 last night.  Ahem.  But, you see, I have a fantastic idea for what to do in it’s place!  And… I think I have talked my husband into the perfect counter top solution… it’s not set in stone, so I’m not sharing about it… yet 😉

Instead of sewing today, I’m staining thin wooden planks and hoping to get them done before naptime ends (I’m typing while a coat drys).  I’m uncertain how people how have the DIY/home reno/Decor blogs manage to get anything done if they have small children.  Gosh, I haven’t even figured out how to participate in Kids Clothing Week!

Actually, I shouldn’t even be thinking about that challenge… it starts next month right before some significant deadlines, I just don’t know if I should… Oh well.  I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it… until then, I have a lot of painting in my near future!

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