Work in Progress Wednesday – Confetti

It’s almost embarrassing how many plans I’ve already made for the year. I know of 6 babies due before school starts in the fall, so I’m planning ahead with great enthusiasm. At this point, I have enough fabric to make 6 baby quilts, 1 queen sized and 1 twin sized. But you know what? Once I finish one, I feel such a let down. Yes, yes, I created something and it’s beautiful… but what now? I like to always have something to look forward to!

I just finished my nephew’s quilt and was working on his twin sister’s quilt top when I realized I hated the backing I had originally chosen from my stash. So I ordered material from and it should be here tomorrow, so that’s on my list to finish over the weekend. Hopefully.

But with her top finished (and absolutely unnecessarily difficult to piece) I sat back and wondered if I should start another baby quilt or do something for myself. As I type this, a light snow is falling and although it looks so dreary out, I’m aware that spring is actually coming and I’ll have to put away my Winter’s Lane quilt. So I cracked open the wrapper on my beautiful Wishes bundle and started a cheery quilt using Sweetwater’s pattern Confetti.

Lots of ironing and piecing in this project, so I’m taking the time that I have and trying to maximize it. I’m hoping to have this done before the end of the month as then I’ll really need to buckle down and start working on Easter outfits!

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