Work in Progress Wednesday – Finally!

I will tell you about the Tri at a later time, but for now, we’re going to talk sewing. After I got back from the race, I asked to go to my favorite quilt shop in Charm, Ohio. I bought my first jelly roll and can barely wait to get started on a Christmas quilt.

Until then, though, I made myself focus on the table runner I’ve wanted to make for my table to accent the lovely refinishing Matt did on it.  This was the first pattern I’ve used from a magazine and I’m loving it!  It took a few hours to do all the cutting and piecing, but overall, it’s a very simple project! All that’s left is to bind it, but I’m debating on whether or not to do a white binding or a binding that matches the backing?

I didn’t realize how terrified I was over the Tri until I started sewing. With each seam, I felt my fears slip away and I was able to enjoy my time fully. There is something so soothing about fabric, color and creativity.

In light of this, my Christmas list is quickly filling with ideas for handmade gifts.  Next week is my birthday, so I am using that detail to make two trips to fabric stores… there are babies being born, gifts to be made, and clothes to be sewn! So yes, I will have plenty of material for these Work in Progress Wednesday Posts in the coming weeks!

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