Work in Progress Wednesday

This week, I decided to get a little more practice in with triangle piecing before continuing with the pillows I posted about last time. Those pillow are ready to be put together, but the angles were making me nervous so I spent some time learning half-square-triangles via this wonderful tutorial. Super simple, but it did take some learning to get the hang of trimming and pressing the tiny triangles. I’m gonna need a smaller iron. Since I had made the triangles with left over from the charm packs I used to make Sylvi’s quilt, I am going to turn it into a pillow cover for her bed.

Speaking of pillows, I really should be using envelope covers as an opportunity to try out patterns.  Genius. I’m also entertaining the idea of hexagons on the quilt for my bed. I say entertaining because I’m not sure how I would handle quilting a king-sized quilt with hexagons all over it. It’s mind boggling to me the weight that material will wind up being!

I did manage to finish Sylvi’s Easter dress, though! I followed the pattern pretty closely, but in the end, I wound up making the skirt into a bubble… and I love, love, love how it turned out!

I finally worked up the nerve to dig out my first quilting project from a year and a half ago and start piecing the squares again. I like this quilting business. If I choose patterns that can all use the same color thread I can be as ADD as I’d like about the projects. This is how my dining room came to be covered in stacks of fabric and china was displaced from the buffet as a means for storing the fabric, tools and machine.

Which is why yesterday also found me purchasing yet more material for children’s clothing. I have no self-control in a fabric shop. Material for dress linings was a must as were the zippers, but I suppose I could have held off on the jersey for t-shirts. But the superhero tie was a definite must. And really… what better news could there have been in my inbox at 630am other than a notice from an Etsy seller that she had exactly the right amount of fabric I needed and was willing to ship it out today?

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

What am I working on this Wednesday?  A little bit of everything.  How about you?

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