Yes, I’m still here…

So here we are… it’s Thursday and I’m still scrambling to pull myself together. Several years ago, I had reconstructive surgery on my sinuses. Actually, the surgeon made sinuses. Mine were 80% smaller than average and I was constantly sick or suffering from a drippy nose. Since the surgery, I’ve really only had minor sniffles here and there and 1 maybe 2 major sinus issues. And I can actually breathe. Which is pretty handy, you know.

Anyway. I haven’t been sick since last October with anything of note. At that time, I started getting regular chiropractic care and educating myself on homeopathics. I found myself wishing I had scheduled my chiropractic appointment for this week since I really did think it would relieve the pressure in my head, but I didn’t, so I got out my homeopathics. Wondering what’s in my “medicine” cabinet? I wrote a post for the Natural Parents Network recently that includes a wonderful shot of my 1950s powder blue bathroom tiling… let’s all pretend it’s a lovely, neutral Earth tone instead. Ahem. Anyway, I wasn’t sure what I should be taking right away, except that I felt so awful I thought anything would be helpful!

I started out with local honey and lemon juice to coat my throat. And 156 oz. of water in 6 hours. I layered on as many clothes as I could stand didn’t wear deodorant so that when my fever broke, my body would be able to get rid of toxins without any pores being blocked (that I could help). I took as much zinc as I could stand chewing and drank a cup of hot herbal tea. And then, I caved and took some Dayquil since I was so miserable and it seemed that nothing was helping.

Here’s the thing with homeopathics: if you are taking the wrong treatment for whatever ails you, nothing will happen. By nothing, I mean, you’ll feel exactly the same. There aren’t side effects, so it will seem as though you would have been better off eating 2 pieces of candy, instead of the pellets. I often use this homeopathic site so help me figure out what I need to take. It’s similar to the symptom checker on WebMD, only it’s natural. And very detailed. If you looked at my homeopathics post, you’ll notice that I have a remedy for colds (Kali Mur) and one for thick yellow mucus (Puslsatilla), and you might wonder why.

Trust me when I tell you that the Kali Mur did nothing for me. Several doses and nothing. This morning, though, I woke up and realized that all the pressure in my head was changing and my sinuses were draining. I switched to the Puslsatilla and I can type coherently. Puslsatilla is also a key ingredient in the Earache Tablets from Hylands. My poor husband started with ear pain last week that wouldn’t go away. He actually looked like he was in pain. He started taking the tablets around lunch time and within 24 hours, the pain had completely subsided from one ear and the other was greatly reduced. It’s been almost 48 hours since he started taking the tablets and he’s pain free and feels normal once again.

Homeopathy is a science that is often ignored by medical professionals and 98% of my friends. Prior to having children, I had very limited exposure to homeopathic medicines, even though I grew up with parents who were very pro-natural healing. Liam had 10 ear infections during his first year of life. After his third antibiotic, I told his doctor I really didn’t feel comfortable giving him another round and I really wanted to try going to the local health food store to see if they had anything that could help. Now, I don’t even blink when I see symptoms cropping up in my children and pull out our bowl of remedies.

All this to say that while I’m not opposed to allopathic medicines, I’d rather take the natural options. For one thing, that Dayquil tasted awful and I couldn’t scrub the film off my teeth to my satisfaction. If you had seen my pathetic self yesterday, you’d be shocked at how I appear today. I’m not 100%, but I’m better. Considering yesterday, I’ll take better… even if you think homeopathics are just in my head. Lots of people do. Just not me.

What’s your favorite natural cold/flu/earache remedy? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I really want to chat with you about this homeopathy stuff. I have been intending on finding out more and doing research, but have never made the time. You are my guru!

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